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Baddie Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights

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Ditch Your Boring Room and Create a Baddie Aesthetic Room with LED Lights

How do you make your Baddie-style space Instagram-worthy on a budget? Transform them using LEDs! 

Let us explain how to use LED lighting to create your baddie rooms. 

How do I make my room look Baddie hideout?

Have an hour and an extra $50 bucks? Great, let’s get started. 

Step One: Understand the assignment…

To create a Baddie Aesthetic Room, we need to understand what that means. So let’s define the terms:

Baddie: In this case, we are referring to the movie villain or the misunderstood protagonist. They are dark characters. They are the opposite of Forest Gump. They have dark and important thoughts and need somewhere to have them. 

Aesthetic: This refers to the way something looks or feels. I prefer to think of it in terms of style. 

Room: Place where the baddie would hang out. 

LED Lights: Lights from the modern LED (light emitting diode) family. They tend to be cheaper to operate, make less heat, and be more controllable than conventional incandescent bulbs. 

Step Two: Pick a style you want to be inspired by.

Check out the pictures below to see what you like. This way, you can start with a goal in mind. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think. Once you get the lights down or dimmed in a room, almost any room looks super cool or ‘baddie’ when you ad some low LED light. 

Step Three: Grab some LED strip lights from the hardware store, a hammer, and a ladder.

Don’t get too hung up on what to buy. The one thing to note is that if you buy super cheap lights the remote control will die sooner, causing endless frustration. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

Step Four: Layout Your Plan.

Lay your lights out on the ground, turn on the LED lights and turn off the overhead lights.

Make sure they reach the design you have planned out. I.E., Don’t just assume they will go around your room. Lay it out on the ground around the room. 

Step Five: Use a ladder to nail strips to the ceiling.

The LED strip lights will come with come U-shaped clips. You will nail or screw the clips to the wall. Depending on the clip, you may clip the strips to the fastener or when you nail it down, the strip will get nailed down in the process. 

Step Six: Test your baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights.

Use your remote to test what settings work best for your sense of badness. 

What is the Baddie Aesthetic?

It’s a place for introspection. It’s a man cave, but not Batman-style. It’s dark but intelligent. It’s where the cute-bad-guy escapes.

What is a Baddie Aesthetic Room with LED Lights?

A Baddie Aesthetic Room is a room that looks like a bad guy from the future has designed it. It has lots of neon lights, futuristic furniture, and dark colors. The room also has an LED light system which can change colors at the touch of a button.

Who would want to live in this type of room?

This type of room would be perfect for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and loves sci-fi movies. It would also be ideal for someone who wants their home to look like they are living in the future. Finally, it could be great for someone who wants their home to have an edgy vibe.

Want to see more aesthetic rooms with led lights? Click the link!

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